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Plan your IT for the future

Is your IT just starting out? Or are you ready for the next level? The choices you make now will effect your company for years, so they're important. But forget about worrying because we know what products and platforms to use and just as important when. We've been with companies from those first orders to making millions in revenue, and value the chance to be there for you.

Not only do we provide complete IT design and implementation from the ground up, we also provide technology and vendor evaluations.

Get IT up and running

Whatever the situation, we'll get your IT solution up and running quickly. We install and configure products, do system-wide upgrades and intranet implementation. If your office is moving, we'll move the IT with it. Using performance analysis, we'll make sure that the technology is working at maximum efficiency.

We know that a job well done should work excellently now and in a year.

Keep your IT at 100%

With time, all advanced technology needs maintenance. The best practice is to prevent emergency IT support by scheduling ongoing maintenance. Because our highest value is customer service, all normal maintenance whether scheduled or reactive is for a flat, negotiated fee. This means a rocky month for your IT won't be made worse by a huge, unexpected bill.

Network Implementation, Support & Planning

SMR Consulting designs and implements a range of powerful services for networks. Whether connecting to the Internet, other offices, or computers within your office, we craft an effective network infrastructure that lets you operate your business better.

Our network solutions start paying you back quickly because they are that efficient and effective. A SMR improved network works faster and stays up longer while needing fewer resources.

"[SMR] has led us through an office move. They were very professional and understand the needs of a small company. They were very attentive to our needs."

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