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What are remote services?

Our remote services are a suite of easy to use, non-hardware features that we fit to your needs. They are a mix of technology and implementation that you won't find elsewhere topped with expertise gained over years of consulting. You'll see results by the end of the day.

Stop spam and viruses

Using the Google Postini service, we stop spam and other threats from ever reaching you. Your inbox will be safe again. Better yet, this filtering tends to reduce internet load on your end by up to 85%. If needed, Postini also allows you to monitor email and IM use across your company to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

System and Network Monitoring

Problems start managing themselves.

Self-repairing networks bounce back from upsets that might down your current server. Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are always on, offering layers of protection along with SonicWALL defenses. If something does go wrong, you'll know: automated alerts take the form of pages or emails.

You can start relaxing.

Remote access possibilities include VPN, Citrix and others.

"Remote services are really useful. They've saved me and my company time and effort and business is easier."
- CFO of a Boston-based company
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