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E-mail Messaging & Groupware Services

E-mail is crucial to modern business. SMR Consulting has deep expertise in a variety of e-mail systems. From configuration to planning to ongoing maintenance, we keep your e-mail up and running. With Google-developed technology, we keep your email spam free.

IT security

Does your current IT security make you uneasy? Hacking has turned into corporate policy in some countries, and internal security remains as always a concern. Having some security is not enough; you need a layered, holistic approach.

Our protection against Internet based threats includes firewalls, anti-virus protection, Internet content filtering, VPN (virtual private networking) and intrusion-detection systems. For the worst-case scenario, we provide backup and disaster recovery to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum.

Technical Support

We're there for you all the time. We work at your office when necessary and provide the full range of remote support: email, phone, instant messaging, application sharing and more. This level of support means that often we can solve a problem without stepping in your office.

Customer service is simply our highest value.

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