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Virtualization - Providing very real benefits

Switching to a virtualized server is the right choice to immediately become much more efficient and support your business for growth.

Here's why.

Servers are how your computers handle tasks like email, data processing and applications. The old approach was to have one server for each job: one for email, one for processing and so on. This takes many computers to run, hogging space in your office, and worse, each runs at only 10% efficiency.

Virtulization fixes that. By using VMware's powerful hyperviser technology, just one server can handle what used to take dozens. Not only is this efficient, saving space and expense, it also means backing up your data takes just a few clicks.

In a typical, non-virtualized company, adding a new server could take two-weeks or longer. Getting hardware and setting it up is costly and prevents you from focusing on what you do best. With virtual servers, the whole process takes only 1-4 hours. It's that easy.

Choose quick, professional implementation.

While the technology is conceptually simple, implementation can be tricky. There are a lot of virtualization options, ranging from the most powerful server to free-but-limited functionally. Choosing correctly is challenge enough, then it has to be set up properly, too.

We do both. You'll get the right choice for your company and it'll be set up professionally to give you professional results. Best of all, because virtulization is fundamentally powerful and simple, all this takes surprisingly little time.

Contact us now and learn what virtualization can do for you.
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  • Every single Fortune 100 company uses virtualization.
  • It makes adding new applications easy
  • Drastically improve server response - while cutting resouce use

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