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Glassybaby Empowers First-Line Workers with Intuitive Microsoft Office 365 Scheduling

Glassybaby makes and sells glass votives and supports healing-based charities with its revenues. To make scheduling easier for their firstline workers, Glassybaby moved to Microsoft Office 365. This video shows how with Office 365, Glassybaby store managers now save up to six hours a week in schedule creation, and retail staff use their smartphones to arrange shift substitutions and build camaraderie with the built-in chat feature. The app helps Glassybaby free staffers to do what they do best: Help customers.

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen

Having a reliable strategic partner in the realm of IT services and solutions is essential for achieving sustained growth through effective technological strategies. Our CEO, Andrew Cohen, is dedicated to helping clients optimize their technology to gain a competitive edge in their industries. At SMR, Andrew leads a team of highly dedicated professionals who are fully committed to providing exceptional IT services and solutions. With his extensive expertise and practical experience, Andrew ensures that clients receive unparalleled support and guidance for their IT projects. You can trust SMR to elevate your business systems and stay ahead in today's fiercely competitive business environment.