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Microsoft Tips, Tricks, and Updates: Different Types of Teams Meetings

You’re probably aware of the “standard” type of Microsoft Teams meeting — one in which all participants have equal and full capabilities to share screens, chat, and otherwise interact. This is the type of meeting most commonly used by workgroups within an organization.

However, Microsoft Teams offers other flavors, allowing you to match the type of meeting to the event in question:

“Webinars” accommodates up to 1,000 participants and allows the meeting administrator to specify presenters and configure the degree of audience interaction. It also allows for registration, enabling you to publicize the meeting and track registrants before the fact.

“Live Events” supports up to 20,000 participants and is intended for large audiences. It includes moderated Q&A, advanced production capabilities, and the ability to specify presenters.

These additional formats have been expanded since the start of the pandemic and offer a competitive advantage to Zoom. And the best part? You have access to all of this without having to invest in an additional, third-party service!