Microsoft Tips, Tricks, and Updates: Microsoft Planner

At its essence, Microsoft Planner is a simplified project management tool for groups.

“Simplified,” because unlike its full blown and more robust cousin, MS Project, MS Planner is easier and less complicated to get started with and use. Here at SMR, it is our tool of choice for keeping track of some of our larger initiatives.

Two things I like about it in particular:

  1. It allows for creating tasks and subtasks, any one of which can be assigned to individuals on your team.
  2. If, like me, you use Microsoft’s “To Do App,” any tasks assigned to you through MS Planner will show up there as well, making it easy to track everything in one place.

The MS Planner functionality is included in all of the Microsoft 365 Business & Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans. Learn more, here.

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