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Microsoft Tips, Tricks, and Updates: Microsoft’s Updated MFA Tool

A helpful feature in many Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) tools is the “push” function, which sends a login verification prompt to your phone. When accessing a website, an alert is automatically sent to your device, requiring only a simple tap to confirm.

However, many people reflexively approve these prompts without stopping to think whether it was them that initiated the login attempt.

So, Microsoft has updated its authentication process with two new features:

#1. Rather than clicking an “accept” button, you have to enter a two-digit number that is sent to you.

#2. A map pops up showing the (approximate) location of where the login was initiated. If it came from anyplace other than where you are, it wasn’t you!

Taken together, these two new functions will help alert people if an unauthorized user is attempting to gain access. More here.

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen

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