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Microsoft Tips, Tricks, and Updates: Power Automate

Power Automate is exactly as it sounds: the ability to automate important, repetitive tasks that need to occur on a regular basis. These tasks can be complicated (e.g., automated inventory management), simple (e.g., receive a text message every time your boss sends you an email), and everything in-between.

Using a low-code, user-friendly platform, anyone can improve their workflows so they can get time back for what matters most.

For example, here at SMR, we use Power Automate for employee vacation scheduling. This solves two problems:

  1. Simplifying the approval process. The employee requests the time/day(s) off and clicks submit. The request goes to the appropriate approver who then clicks a button to approve/reject. Once approved, an entry is automatically created on the Staff time-off calendar.
  2. Improving consistency. Previously, staff put their requested time off on the calendar manually. Terminology was inconsistent and there were frequent mistakes. Now, all entries are properly formatted and staff only have read access to the vacation calendar.

Learn more about using Power Automate in your organization, here (let us know if we can help!).

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen

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